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We act as a store yard to storage space to motor vehicles and machineries which have 24 Hours/ 7 Days Security services that allows repossessor to enter those repo vehicles / motorcycles / machineries even during after working hours like night time or weekend. Our office hours is from 9.00a.m to 5.30p.m Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays will be closed.


KSL Warehouse will held public auction twice a month. We hire licensed auctioneer to perform the public auction and auction listing will be advertise on newspaper before each and every auction. We will also provide reserve price recommendation to our clients based on the research and survey we did on market value of every single unit auction vehicles.


We also help banks to arrange relocation transfer of some auction vehicles which repossessed in outstation like Melaka, Segamat, Muar, Batu Pahat, Kluang and Simpang Renggam back to KSL Warehouse for auction purpose.


We just opened a new store yard located at Muar in May 2018. This could facilitate outstation repossessor and they could keep those repo motorcycles into our new Muar store yard. Once it is confirmed to become auction unit, we could arrange for the transfer services to JB for auction. The relocation fee is to be charged to legal owner for auction vehicles and for those redeemed unit, hirer him/herself will be responsible to pay for the relocation fee.


Every single unit of repo motor vehicle / motorcycles / machines will be taken photos and perform general inspection after entering KSL Warehouse store yard. A complete set of checklist, photos and documents will be provided to our client for reference purposes.


We can arrange for key duplication service for those motorcycles that repossessed without key based on our clients or successful bidder request. Prices of duplicated key is on case to case basis.


After the motorcycles successfully sold during auction, we can helps to arrange the ownership transfer matter between our clients and successful bidder by authorised our panel runner to perform ownership transfer on AEON Credit Service M Bhd. Additional charges will be applied on this matter.


We can helps to arrange for Puspakom Inspection based on our clients and successful bidder request. Additional charges will be applied on this matter.


Whenever our clients or repossessor come across some motorcycles that are not in riding condition, we can helps to arrange for towing services by 4 wheel drive or lorry.